Ruined Ground Scatter Corner Pieces - Ruins of the Empire / Forbidden Prints / RPG and Wargame 3d Printed Terrain / Licensed Printer

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Ruins of the Empire Ground Scatter Pack - Corners

You will receive a total of eight ground scatter corner pieces. There are 4 different designs that make up this set and the second set of pieces is a mirror copy of the first 4 to add variety and the ability to build a ruined square structure outline. Combine this set with the strait wall ground scatter pack and ruined structure and you are on your way to a great-looking wargame table.

Panhandle 3d LLC is proud to be now carrying models from Forbidden Prints. This is the terrain I use for my 40k Game table.

***Panhandle 3d LLC is a Licensed On-Line printer for Forbidden Prints MyMiniFactory Tribes Models***

*****Please make sure your delivery address is correct and complete! If a package is returned to us due to incorrect shipping information, the buyer must pay for the applicable shipping costs to have the package re-sent.*****

Items are supplied unfinished. If you choose to finish and paint your pieces, you may need to acquire normal modeling finishing items like sandpaper, glue, primer (regular or filler primer), and paint. 3d printing involves melting thin plastic strands through a high-temperature hot end. It is printed one layer at a time and as a result layer lines may exist or be visible on the product. If further finishing is desired a filler primer is recommended and can be obtained from your big box home improvement stores. Acrylic paint painted onto the primed surface works very well, and a nice clear matt spray sealer will help protect your finished work.

In the case of "print to order" items, the item pictured is from my printer farm that will be producing your item.

I have had a successful YouTube channel for over 5 years that focuses on tabletop top terrain (both FDM and Resin) and features some of the best designers making terrain today.

You can check out my YouTube channel here:

40k figures are from my own personal collection and are shown for scale purposes only. It is not included as part of the sale and Panhandle 3d Printing is in no way affiliated with Wizards of the Coast or Games Workshop

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Nxxxxxxx S
Nice quality print. The production and shi...

Nice quality print. The production and shipping was way faster than I expected.

Sxx M
Very nice, very nice, very nice.

Very nice, very nice, very nice.

Bxxxxx T
Incredible work and detail on all of my or...

Incredible work and detail on all of my order. Quick to print and deliver. Definitely going to buy from this seller again.

Axxxxxxxxxxx M
The terrain is great and there are some bu...

The terrain is great and there are some build lines but nothing paint can't solve and on the table they look great!

Rxxxxxx K
They look awesome, great quality, amazing...

They look awesome, great quality, amazing assortment of terrain for a great price. Will be purchasing much more from here.

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