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Token Color: Sky Blue / White
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Are you a Legions Imperialis player? If so, we have something that might interest you. Our Laser Engraved Imperialis Compatible Token set will help you keep your game table in order. These tokens are made from 2-color laser engraved acrylic to provide the highest resolution possible. The back of the tokens is solid white, making them perfect for the hidden order mechanic. In addition, each order includes six 32mm objective markers, so you won't have to purchase separate objectives. Say goodbye to the thin paper tokens that came with the game and replace them with our durable acrylic tokens.

The Panhandle 3d Token sets consist of two-color 1/16" acrylic and are available in various colors. These sets are designed for gaming tables and are ready to use right out of the box. You don't have to worry about removing any peeling paper from your tokens because we take care of that for you. Additionally, we offer free shipping and generally ship tokens on the next business day.

*** Our listings only feature photos of the actual physical tokens, and no computer-generated images or renders are included. ***

Colors Available:

1. Sky Blue / White
2. Maroon / White
3. Grey /White
4. Purple / White
5. Orange / White

Tokens included (77 total pieces):
16x Advance
16x First Fire
12x Charge
12x March
10x Fall Back
6 32mm Objective Markers (A - F)

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