Imperialis Gothic Bundle 3 - Epic Scale Terrain (6mm - 8mm compatible) / Imperialis / Titanticus

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**** This is Epic Scale Terrain for 6mm to 8mm models ****

Compatible with Legions Imperialis, Adepeptus Titanticus, and BT Alpha Strike which will add some unique terrain to your gaming tabletop.

You will receive 7 pieces of terrain as pictured.

Printed under license from the Cy-Tilez.

Legions Imperialis models are used for scale purposes only. Panhandle 3d LLC is not affiliated with Games Workshop

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Product arrived extremely quickly. Was per...

Product arrived extremely quickly. Was perfectly packaged and wrapped up. Exactly as advertised. The print quality is amazing, everything is sturdy. No warping, no overhangs or stringing.
12/10 recommend. Will be buying more in the future.

Kxxxxx W
If you play AT, then you want this. Look...

If you play AT, then you want this.

Look at this picture. Look at this HIVE CITY in a box.

We're making it to the upper spires with this one boys! Fresh air 24/7!

Jeremy Busse Jones
Very Chunky!

Let’s start with that these are beautiful prints with a bit of modularity so you can futz around with the designs a bit.

I was not prepared for how large these pieces are. I say this as a good thing; the largest pieces can hide a Warmaster Titan. They are excellent for use in restricting/designing fire lanes.

Jxxx M
Absolutely incredible prints! Seller was v...

Absolutely incredible prints! Seller was very helpful and friendly. I will be buying more terrain from the seller in the future.

Mxxxxxx M
Fantastic items as always, great seller -...

Fantastic items as always, great seller - highly recommend!!!!

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