Forest Moon Tree Platform 2 by Jesús Labiano / Legion / 40k / Shatterpoint / Licensed On-Line Printer / Print to Order

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Scale: 32mm Legion
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Forest Moon Tree Platform 2 by Jesús Labiano / Licensed On-Line Printer / Print to Order

Measuring 10.5 inches tall and 7.5 inches wide at the elevated platform, this is a perfect fit for any SW Legion or your favorite Sci-Fi miniatures game.

40mm Scale - 12in tall and 8.5in wide at the elevated platform

**** Extreme care must be taken when assembling these pieces. Just be aware of where your fingers are when assembling This piece uses Sera Clips to clip the pieces together; you could also just glue the pieces together if you find that easier *****

This piece consists of two parts (base and platform) and also includes four accessory vines pieces that clip around the base of the elevated platform. One ladder will also be included.

See the rest of the forest moon/expedition camp scatter terrain to put a thematic spin on your game table.

***Panhandle 3d LLC is a Licensed On-Line printer Jesús Labiano ***

Expedition Camp / Forrest Moon is by designer Jesús Labiano

*****Please make sure your delivery address is correct and complete! If a package is returned to us due to incorrect shipping information, it is the buyer's responsibility to pay for the applicable shipping costs to have the package re-sent.*****

Items are supplied unfinished. If you choose to finish and paint your pieces, you may need to acquire normal modeling finishing items like sandpaper, glue, primer (regular or filler primer), and paint. 3d printing involves the melting of thin strands of plastic through a high-temperature hot end. It is printed one layer at a time and as a result, layer lines may exist or be visible on the product. If further finishing is desired, a filler primer is recommended and can be obtained from your big box home improvement stores. Acrylic paint painted onto the primed surface works very well, and a nice clear matt spray sealer will help protect your finished work.

Your items will be sent to the address that you provide at the time that you place your order. Shipping is via USPS or UPS and is calculated by Etsy's shipping interface. I will never add any extra handling fees to shipping costs.

Star Wars and 40k figures are from my own personal collection and are shown for scale purposes only. It is not included as part of the sale, and Panhandle 3d Printing is in no way affiliated with Fantasy Flight Games or Games Workshop.

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He's great at getting back to you right aw...

He's great at getting back to you right away if you have questions. Great to work with.

Dxxxxx L
This piece was very easy to assemble. Ever...

This piece was very easy to assemble. Everything just clipped into place, and it's beautifully sculpted. I went ahead and ordered the rest of the forest pieces for my Shatterpoint table

Rxxxxxx M
Great item, as advertised, shipped on time...

Great item, as advertised, shipped on time.

Mxxxxxx R
Extremely high quality product and an amaz...

Extremely high quality product and an amazing and responsive seller. Highly recommend.

Wxxxxxx A
Great product, great seller. 100% would re...

Great product, great seller. 100% would recommend and will purchase from again.

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