BT Alpha Strike Compatible Token Set - 100+ Tokens

Token Color: Black / White
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Play BT Alpha Strike? Keep your game table in order with our Alpha Strike Compatible Token set. You will be able to look at the game table and, at a glance, see who walked, sprinted, Jumped, and is Hull Down. No more trying to remember who is targeting who; place the large reticle on the target and the smaller corresponding reticle number next to the targeting miniatures. Keep track of your heat and damage effects on the table.

The sets are made from two color 1/16" acrylic and come in multiple colors, and like all Panhandle 3d Token sets, they are game table ready out of the box. No peeling paper off your tokens; we take care of that for you, and first-class shipping is included with your order.

Colors Available:

1. Blue / White
2. Black / White
3. Green /White
4. Red / White
5. Tangerine / White
6. Yellow and Black

Tokens included:

Movement & Gunnery Effects Set

Stationary (x6)
Normal (x10)
Sprint (x6)
Jump (x6)
Hull Down (x6)
Spotter (x4)

Heat & Damage Effects Set

1 Heat (x4)
2 Heat (x4)
3 Heat (x4)
Shutdown (x4)
Engine Hit (+1 Heat When Firing) (x3)
Fire Control Hit (+2 Target Number) (x3)
Weapons Hit (-1 Damage) (x3)
Movement Hit (1/2 Speed) (x3)

Targeting Set

Large Targeting Reticle 1
Small Targeting Reticle 1 (x4)
Large Targeting Reticle 2
Small Targeting Reticle 2 (x4)
Large Targeting Reticle 3
Small Targeting Reticle 3 (x4)
Large Targeting Reticle 4
Small Targeting Reticle 4 (x4)
Large Targeting Reticle 5
Small Targeting Reticle 5 (x4)
Large Targeting Reticle 6
Small Targeting Reticle 6 (x4)
Large Targeting Reticle 7
Small Targeting Reticle 7 (x4)

Battle Tech models are used for scale purposes only. Panhandle 3d LLC is not affiliated with Catalyst Game Labs.

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