Arkenfel House 1 - Dark Realms 3d Printed Terrain

Scale: 25mm - 28mm Standard
Sale price$34.00


Building Dimensions (25mm to 28mm): - L: 6 in x W: 4.00in x H: 7.25in

Building Dimensions (30mm to 32mm): - L: 7.40 in x W: 5.12in x H: 8.94in

You will receive three 3d printed pieces that will make up the Dark Realms - Blacksmith Shop. The front left corner post is designed to be removable but may be glued in if desired. Items are printed as ordered, please see any front-page announcements that may change the current print time. This is an absolutely fantastic looking piece on the table

3d Printed in Panhandle 3d Khaki PLA

***Panhandle 3d Printing is Licensed On-Line printer for all Dark Realms Kickstarter and Patreon produced models ***

*****Please make sure your delivery address is correct and complete! If a package is returned to us due to incorrect shipping information, it is the buyer's responsibility to pay for the applicable shipping costs to have the package re-sent.*****

Items are supplied unfinished. If you choose to finish and paint your pieces you may need to acquire normal modeling finishing items like sandpaper, glue, primer (regular or filler primer), and paint. 3d printing involves the melting of thin strands of plastic through a high-temperature hot end. It is printed one layer at a time and as a result layer lines may exist or be visible on the product. If further finishing is desired a filler primer is recommended and can be obtained from your big box home improvement stores. Acrylic paint painted onto the primed surface works very well and a nice clear matt spray sealer will help protect your finished work.

If you have a 3d printer and would like to support this designer his Patreon Page can be found here:

Age of Sigmar and D&D figures are from my own personal collection and are shown for scale purposes only. It is not included as part of the sale and Panhandle 3d Printing is in no way affiliated with Wizards of the Coast or Games Workshop

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Damon Lesch
Seller communicated when the product was p...

Seller communicated when the product was printing and when it was finished. Everything was perfect. Thank you!

Ryan Hirthe
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This review has no content.

Chris Grady
Simply one of the best 3d print companies...

Simply one of the best 3d print companies on Etsy.
You can't go wrong with Panhandle3d.

Alex Grady
This review has no content.

This review has no content.

Marquis Schaefer Sang
This review has no content.

This review has no content.

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