Bloodwood Hardwood Dice Box / Rare Wood Class / Every Day Gaming Dice Box

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If a particular dice box is out of stock and you would like one, please submit a "restock request," and I will make sure that species of wood and sufficient quantity are added to that week's batch. By submitting a restock request, you will also receive a notification when the new dice boxes are ready. ****

Everyday Gaming Dice Box in Bloodwood

*** Dice shown in picture are for scale purposes only and not included with the dice-box ***

Material Description:

Bloodwood is an exotic wood from Latin America Extraordinarily hard, dense, and tight-grained.
Woodworkers like the way it finishes and polishes and the vivid color is always eye-catching.


The first of my dice box designs made to carry two sets of standard Chessex style polyhedral dice or sixteen 16mm d6 type dice. Each dice box contains 1/4 laser cut foam in the top and bottom channels to keep your dice in place when the lid is closed. The foam is NOT glued in so that you have the option to remove it if desired. The dice channel openings are 23mm wide and 22mm deep with the lid on top. The pictures represent the species of wood you receive, so expect variations of wood coloring and pattern in every box made.

Magnetic Lid:

Each dice box is secured with four rare earth magnets, these magnets are STRONG and will hold the lid in place securely. You will not have to worry about this dice box coming apart in your game bag. Two-finger groves are located on the side of the dice-box to assist with removing the lid. Please take care of placing the lid back on the dice box as the strength of the magnets will make the two halves snap together firmly.


Length 7 inches x Width 3 inches

Class Descriptions

Common Wood Class - Domestic wood and wood that is readily available for purchase, or I have enough stock on hand to do 10+ dice boxes.
Uncommon Wood Class - Exotic woods and woods that are purchased in small quantity due to the cost of the raw material
Rare Wood Class - Exotic woods where raw material cost makes it hard to source or wood that is very hard to obtain.
Ultra Rare Wood Class - This is reserved for the rarest of the woods and unique one-off creations. Less than 5% of the dice boxes I plan to make will be in this class.


All dice boxes are finished with multiple coats of a natural oil wood finish, and hand waxed and buffed. I do not stain any of my wood, and I think the natural beauty of each wood species should be presented as-is.

Dice Box Care:

Your dice box should give you years of trouble-free service. Should you want to keep your dice box in that showroom-new look, I recommend "Howards Feed - N - Wax Wood Conditioner," which can be found in most blue and orange hardware stores or online at amazon.

Customer Reviews

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Beautifully crafted item. Excellent commun...

Beautifully crafted item. Excellent communication from the seller. 100% would recommend.

Merritt Stroman
This box is almost shockingly smooth and c...

This box is almost shockingly smooth and clean. I am not exaggerating. The magnets are strong and there is not a flaw anywhere on this box. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

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