45 Terrain Tokens / Fluorescent / 40k 9th Edition Compatible / Laser Engraved / Multiple Colors / Ships for Free

Color - Material: Florescent Green
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40k 9th Edition Compatible Terrian Tokens - The new rules introduced a number of new terrain rules that can be assigned to each piece of terrain on your game board. Use these tokens to easily mark your terrain pieces so there is no confusion mid-game about what was assigned to each piece. 45 Tokens per pack will give you plenty of options, tokens are prices with the gamer in mind. A simple yet functional design allows you to mark each terrain piece without taking away from the overall look of your gameboard.

****This product ships for Free ****

Game Table Ready - My tokens are shipped with the paper removed so you can be out of the box and onto the table without the need to spend hours removing the paper.


Length 2.25 inches x Width ..50 inches

Token Pack Loadout 45 Tokens (12 Terrain Types, # of tokens of each type)

Dense Cover - 4
Breachable - 4
Defense Line - 4
Defensible - 6
Difficult Ground - 4
Exposed Position - 2
Heavy Cover - 4
Inspiring - 2
Light Cover - 5
Scalable - 3
Unstable - 3
Obscuring - 4

Material Description:

Cast Acrylic in Various Colors - 1/8 inch thick

Fluorescent Green - Reverse Engraved (tokens are smooth on top) - Very pronounced, the perfect choice when you want to be sure that all-terrain conditions are easily marked.

Fluorescent Blue - Reverse Engraved (tokens are smooth on top) - A more subtle color on the game table when you do not want the game aids to be a distraction but still have all-terrain conditions marked.

***More options coming soon

Cleaning Instructions:

Wipe with a soft cotton cloth to remove any dust or fingerprints. May be cleaned with cold water, do not spray tokens with Glass Cleaner as the ammonia can cause the acrylic to crack.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Hollis Green
Exactly what I was looking for

Exactly what I was looking for

Emily Bayer
These look amazing and the shipping was su...

These look amazing and the shipping was super fast. I would definitely buy from this seller again!

Michael Haag
While one can quibble about the ratio of o...

While one can quibble about the ratio of one label to another overall incredibly helpful given how important terrain keywords are in 9e.

Timothy Koch
Quick Shipping, Item arrived as expected.

Quick Shipping, Item arrived as expected.

Timothy Koch
Quick Shipping, Item arrived as expected.

Quick Shipping, Item arrived as expected.

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